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TSSS Services

Specialist Stroke therapy starts the journey to independence and acceptance

We offer supportive services for Stroke Survivors and Carers

Starting with Specific Stroke Assessments, we develop individual plans recognising where a person is now and what they would like to achieve

TSSS brings people together to share, laugh, and have somewhere to go.

Somewhere that people show understanding, tolerance and companionship; all important elements to recovery and ensuring life has a lighter side.

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We're here to help Survivors

At TSSS we make sure stroke survivors feel part of a community.

Our services empower a person to work on their strengths and regain access to the world.

The stroke survivor learns new confidence as their skills are increased, and they learn to renegotiate the world differently.

The stroke survivor has time to “practise” speaking, walking, conversation, drinking , eating, writing , mobility skills in a safe environment.

Through activities, the stroke survivor learns independence, which has an impact on their own life and their family's life. 

Emotional counselling helps people to get to grips with their feelings, people are often not aware of the psychological impact of a stroke. Being able to unpack frustrations, depressive episodes, anxiety and sense of loss, is part of the recovery process.

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We're here to support Carers

We offer the carer and family member(s) respite, supporting and enabling them to deal with their own needs, during this time

We understand that the caring role can be very isolating.

Carer's sessions give time for carers to talk through issues, to socialise, and to have their own head space. Our sessions give you time to take part in an activity and be involved with others. 

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