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Tendring Specialist Stroke Services

You are at the centre of what we do

TSSS are right next to you from the moment you leave hospital as a family and stroke survivor to renegotiate their new world.

TSSS joins hands with the family to support, advise and to hold out the hand of friendship

At Home With The Stroke Family

TSSS opens new possibilities to those who survive stroke, beginning the journey to acceptance and healing

You At The Centre of What We Do

The TSSS family works to bring a community around the stroke survivor and their family. When a person experiences a stroke, their lives can become a series of losses, loss of physical ability, speech, cognition, friends, work, and social circles. It is a very isolating time when a person leaves the hospital and is faced with negotiating the world very differently


TSSS provides rehab and therapy sessions, in a person-centred, fun environment. The services are holistic and include:

Physical Rehabilitation


Art Therapies

Emotional Counselling

Cognition and Communication Sessions



Support is provided to carers and family members, as they need support and the ability to understand the family member who has experienced the stroke.

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Back Stretch

Suggested Exercises

Physical Rehabilitation

Blog Posts

Let's Talk Stroke

Prevention Work

Tips and Advice

Family Visit


“This service has made such a difference not only to my wife who has had a stroke, but to me, I feel so much better.”

“The difference it has made is incredible. The speech work and exercise has had a real impact”

“You have no idea what difference it has made to me”


Every 5 minutes...

A stroke happens every 5 minutes, it can happen to anyone at any time.

Recognising the signs of a stroke needs immediate action. 

Learn more below

Let's Talk Stroke

Blog posts sharing stories, events, therapies and research for you to explore

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